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Promotion & Retention Policy  Attendance Policy Student Transfer Policy
 Afternoon Pick-Up - Bus Rules Policy Classroom - Campus Rules Cafeteria Procedures


Walnut Hill Kids Are TRRFC 



Promotion Retention Policy:

Kindergarten students must score a 66% or above on locally developed tests that are correlated with the State Content Standards in the areas of reading and math. 

Grades 1-5: Students must pass math, language development, reading, and either science or social studies.

Grades 6-8: Students must pass math and reading and at least 6 of their 7 subjects.

Students in grades 4 and 8 must also pass the LEAP test. 

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Attendance Policy:

All students must be in attendance for a minimum of 169 days out of 180 school days in order to be promoted.  Doctor's statements will excuse a student's abscence.  Notes from parents will allow students to make up work missed during absences due to illness, religious holidays, and death in an immediate family.  Days missed because of religious holidays and death of an immediate family member will also be excused with proper documentation. All documents must be turned in to the teacher and/or attendance clerk in a timely manner. Faxed documents WILL NOT be accepted.

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            rocket        Student Transfer:          rocket

Hardship, Curriculum Necessity and Medical transfers expire at the close of the school year.

They must be renewed annually.  Provision is made by the Caddo Parish School Board for students to transfer from a school in which they are a part of a majority race to a school where they would be part of the minority race.  Transportation for a student who is transfered under the provisions of the Majority to Minority (M to M) policy will be provided to a school nearest the student's home school attendance area.

New enrollees from out of parish or state must first go to the Caddo Parish School Board and obtain "Permission to Enroll" by presenting proof of address in the form of current, paid utility bills.

After obtaining Permission to Enroll from CPSB, if applicable, bring your child's:

birth certificate   , social security card,    LA shot records,

last report card and/or test scores,   utility bill at current residence and

a valid form of identification to Walnut Hill. At the school your child's counselor will review your paperwork and have you complete a student information form as well as a health infor mation form.

All students taking medications at school will need to take a medication form to their child's pediatrician and deliver the medication to the school as needed for refills to Mrs. Scott or Mrs. Boston in the office.  You may not sen medication refills to school with your child. Medication must be signed in by a parent or guardian.

If you are not a parent listed on the child's birth certificate and are a legal guardian, please submit legal custodial papers at the time of enrollment.

If you maintain sole custody or split custody, please submit legal custodial papers at enrollment.

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                         bus Afternoon Pick-up Policy:     

The majority of our students ride the school bus.  All students must adhere to bus rules and regulations. The same classroom/school rules apply on the bus.  Students violating these rules will be removed fom the bus by the administration and/or bus driver.

Bus Rules:                                                                                                              

It is important that order be maintained on the bus. A noisy, chaotic bus could very well lead to accidents and injuries.  In order to prevent accidents and to promote a safe, orderly bus, all students must govern themselves according to the rules as established.  The following misbehaviors are in violation of parish and local rules.  Violation may result in permanent removal from the bus.

           1. Fighting, participating in, or starting a fight.                                                                             

              2. Destroying or marking on any part of the bus.

              3. Using obscene or abusive language.

              4. Possessing weapons, drugs, tobacco, or alcohol.

              5. Willfully disobeying or defying the bus driver.

              6. Throwing objects on the bus or out the window.

              7. Harassing other students.

              8. Standing on the bus or hanging out the window.

              9. Threatening the bus driver.

Parents who pick up students after school should arrive before 2:40 p.m. 

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 Classroom & Campus Rules

The following behavior are unacceptable and will not be tolerated:    

1. Fighting or participating in a fight. (Starting a fight, calling names, ect.)

                                      2. Profanity, abusive language, obscene gestures, writing, material, or clothing.

                                      3. Possessing or using tobacco, drugs, alcohol, weapons, matches, or cigarette


                                      4. Stealing, breaking into lockers, or borrowing without the permission of the owner.

                                      5. Destroying or defacing school property.

                                      6. Skipping school or cutting class.

                                      7. Tardiness.  Students are to be in the classroom by or prior to the ringing of the

                                           tardy bell.

                                      8. Willful disobedience, disrespecting school personnel.

                                      9. Dishonesty - Cheating on tests, forging notes, falsifying information.

                                    10. Leaving class without permission.

                                    11. Refusing to do the assigned work or to bring materials to class.

                                    12. Chewing gum or eating in class.

                                    13. Running, yelling or throwing objects.

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Cafeteria Procedures:


 LUNCH MENU LINK   Breakfast Menu Link           FREE/REDUCED online applications

All students must either pay for their lunch (NO CHECKS), bring a lunch or apply for free or reduced lunch.  All students are expected to eat lunch.  Applications for free and reduced meals are available at school, online & at the CPSB central office. 

Lunch Prices are as follows:       Elementary................$1.75

                                                     Middle.................. .....$2.00          



Breakfast Prices are as follows:   All students................$1.00


Parents will be contacted to bring lunch money to students who come to school without lunch or lunch money.  No carbonated drinks are allowed in the school. Students are expected to adhere to the following procedure:

1. Come into the cafeteria in an orderly line with the class & teacher.

2. Speak in low tones when in the cafeteria.

3. Sit & eat with the class at the designated table.

4. Clean spilled food off the table & floor.

5. Carry tray, eating utensils, milk cartons, napkins, ect., to the dish window & trash cans.

6. Leave the cafeteria in an orderly line with the class & teacher.

7. After lunch go to the designated area. Stay away from the building.

8. Students are not to go into the building during lunch break.

Food, straws, eating utensils, & milk cartons will not be taken out of the cafeteria.  Classes are                        

to be very quiet when near the office area, A and B wing or areas where class is in session.

Load up your students lunch card at https://mylunchmoney.com/


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School Wide Positive Behavior Supports (SWPBS)

Character Traits:

Trustworthiness - Be honest, don't cheat or steal.  Do the right thing.  Be reliable

and loyal.

Respect - Treat others with respect. Use good manners, not bad language.  Don't

threaten, hit or harm anyone.

Responsibility - Do what you are supposed to do.  Always do your best. Use self-

control. Think before you act.

Fairness - Play by the rules.  Take turns and share. Be open-minded; listen to

others.  Don't blame others carelessly.

Caring Citizens - Be kind.  Be compassionate and show you care.  Express grattitude.  Forgive others.  Help people in need.Do your share to make your school and community better.  Cooperate.  Obey laws and rules.  Respect authority.  Protect the environment.


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